A Castle write in campaign might help O'Donnell

NY Times:

Representative Mike Castle, Republican of Delaware, has a few more
days to decide whether to follow the lead of Senator Lisa Murkowski,
Republican of Alaska, and begin a write-in bid for the United States Senate.

He might want to call Lisa Dimond first.

Ms. Dimond was the campaign manager in 2006 for Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, at the time a City Council member from Houston who ran to replace the
retiring Representative Tom DeLay, the Republican leader in the House.

Because of quirks of timing in Texas election law, Ms. Sekula-Gibbs was
forced to run as a write-in candidate for the Congressional term that
started in 2007. But her name had appeared on the earlier ballot to fill the
vacancy for the remaining weeks of the 2006 Congressional session.

The result? Ms. Sekula-Gibbs won the election for which her name
appeared, but lost the write-in. She spent 52 days as a member of

“Everything is harder” in a write-in campaign, Ms. Dimond said in an interview on Thursday. “Especially when it’s a hard name to spell.”

Mr. Castle has said he was considering a write-in campaign after losing
the Republican primary in Delaware to Christine O’Donnell. A Time/CNN
poll shows that Ms O’Donnell trails her Democratic opponent by more
than 15 points, while Mr. Castle would lead the Democrat by nearly the
same margin.

This is a write in that might actually help Christine O'Donnell. With both Castle and Coons appealing to the so called moderates and liberals they would split the opposition vote thus giving O'Donnell a better chance of defeating both. It is unlikely that Castle would get any of the votes that O'Donnell got in the primary.


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