Boycott NFL?

Jim Kearney:

Rush Limbaugh doesn’t support boycotts. Despite his shabby treatment this week by the sports press, the NFL, its players union, his prospective co-owner of the St. Louis Rams, and the professional race-baiters, Rush is sticking to his principles. No boycott. Still, many callers to his radio program are furious and say they’re planning to voluntarily renounce all involvement with the National Football League.

Is this a reasonable response to the controversy? Will anyone even know?

If you love pro football (as Rush does), giving up the games, even for a week or two, is a considerable sacrifice. If you just bought a big-screen high-definition TV or satellite package, you’ll also be giving up something for which you’ve paid. If you’ll be unloading your season tickets, you could be selling into a down market. That’s because you’re not the only one angry at the NFL this week.

This may be the worst public relations disaster to hit the league since — I was going to say since Pete Rozelle ordered games played after the JFK assassination, but much more recently we’ve had Michael Vick, Rae Carruth, Ray Lewis, and Plaxico Burress. Come to think of it, this league, and especially its players union, really shouldn’t be casting stones.


If I were suggesting a boycott, and I am not, the obvious thing to boycott would be the NFL Network which few people can see anyway. It would be almost like telling drivers to turn on their headlights at night in support of Rush.


  1. That's the premise of Atlas Shrugged, the rich go on strike. What does happen some of the time, like the Carter Administration, things get so screwed up even the rich can't make any money. That's the only time conservatives have sway. Then they milk it until we have another financial collapse. Then we start again. Conservatives could pack up and leave and the USA would just be a better country. It's like getting rid of all the criminals.


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