Iraq confirms AP source is not a police officer

Michelle Malkin has the details. Here is a brief excerpt:


For example, we have some of the respected news outlets that deal with news fast and have a relation with many TV channels and the media in general, who distributed a story quoting a person called Jamil Hussein. Afterward, we searched our sources in our staff for anyone by this name-- maybe he wore an MOI uniform and gave a different name to the reporter for money. And the second name used is Lt. Maythem.

However, all of you know that the ministry of interior has a large public affairs office and its official spokesman, and we are ready to answer any questions you may have. Therefore, you should contact MOI PAO for all your needs to get real, true news. Based on that, we strongly deny any relation with those two names. In order to serve you better and strengthen the relationship with MOI, do not take statements that have no meaning and do not represent any official. We would like this note to be helpful to you and any statement made by those persons to be ignored.


I have suggested previously that AP produce this witness at the press briefing so that his credentials can be checked. Evidently he did not show. The Iraqi authorities should now try find and arrest the man if he is impersonating a police officer. Many crimes have been committed in Iraq by those impersonating officers. Whether they are doing with a gun or with a pen they need to be brought to justice. The AP still has some serious explaining to do. And. where is Howard Kurtz on this story?


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