Mother of 6 not deported from UK because she claims to be lesbian

Daily Mail:

An asylum seeker who falsely claimed she was a lesbian has been allowed to stay in Britain because of bungling at the Home Office.

Carol Ajoh, a married mother of six, will not be sent home to the Caribbean after a judge ruled it would violate her human rights.

In the High Court, Mr Justice Collins said her 2002 claim that she would be persecuted in Jamaica over her sexuality was 'totally bogus'.

But because she remarried and gave birth to three children while her case was being decided, he said it 'lacked humanity' to remove her.

He laid the blame with the Home Office, which took an 'inexcusable and appalling' 22 months to determine if she could remain on the basis of the second marriage to a British citizen.

The case is yet another example of the crisis engulfing the Home Office.
On Saturday, the Daily Mail told how Somalian Yonis Dirie, who violently raped a 21-year-old woman in Stratford, East London, could not be deported by a judge because he had been granted sanctuary in Britain.

The career criminal had been given permission to remain in the country while serving a jail sentence for an attempted armed robbery.


Whenever we complain about US immigration, we can always look to the UK to find an example of a worse situation.


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