Fighting ebbs in Iraq

Bill Roggio:


It appears the bulk of the violence occurred on Wednesday and portions or Thursday, based on a reading of the news reports and Iraq bloggers. The New York Times describes today's situation in Iraq as such; “Across Iraq on Friday, people walked through quiet streets to attend weekly prayer service at neighborhood mosques. Traffic was light because of an extraordinary daytime curfew that the government had put in place to try to prevent worshippers from attending Friday Prayers, out of fear that imams would incite more violence. The groups that did gather appeared to do so in a largely peaceful manner, though.” The London Times reports families are claiming the bodies of their murdered relatives at the mortuary – an event unlikely to take place during sustained violence.

The Chinese idiogram for the word crisis is made up of two charcters, the first meaning trouble and the second meaning opportunity. From these current troubles in Iraq is an opportunity for the country to pull together and reject the extremist of all sides. There is some evidence that it is happening. That could be one of the reasons why no one has stepped forward to claim responsibility for the attack. In an area where people are usually eager to show their prowse at blowing things up, no one is apparently willing to take pride in this event.


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