So what is the excuse for Islamist attacks on France who is not in Iraq?


Plans for various attacks in Paris, from the French intelligence headquarters to the metro and Orly airport, have been confirmed by one of the suspected Islamist militants detained this week in an anti-terror raid, a source close to the investigation said Thursday.

The proposed attacks first surfaced during the questioning by Algerian authorities of an 34-year-old man, M'Hamed Benyamina, in Algeria earlier this month. The cell could have carried out the attacks "very quickly," the source said.

The information passed on to the French authorities led to the round-up of nine people on Monday in the Paris suburbs and in Normandy, authorized by France's anti-terror judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere.

Six of the suspects remained in detention Thursday and three have been released, including Benyamina's wife, the source said.

At least one of the people detained has confirmed to investigators that the group planned to carry out one or several attacks in Paris.

Orly Airport was a potential target as well as the metro and headquarters of the French intelligence service (DST), where security was beefed up in mid-month based on the information from Algeria.

So how did George Busha nd Tony Blair prevoke this attempt? Or could it be that the people who declared war against the west really mean regardless of whether the west fights back?


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