Leftist London ignors the rule of law and lets islamist rant

Melanie Phillips:

Newsweek's bogus story about the alleged desecration of the Koran has received vast media coverage. Yet there has been only the most perfunctory and muted coverage of a demonstration in London last Friday by Muslims protesting at this supposed desecration -- a demonstration in which protesters burnt an effigy of Tony Blair on a crucifix along with the Union and American flags. Clearly, for these people the concept of disrespect for a religion does not extend to Christianity.

This vicious hypocrisy was by no means the worst of it. For this was an orgy of hate-mongering and incitement to violence, insurrection and murder. As the Evening Standard -- one of the very few papers to have carried a detailed account of this appalling event -- reported:

'Led by a man on a megaphone, they chanted, "USA watch your back, Osama is coming back" and "Kill, kill USA, kill, kill George Bush". A small detail of police watched as they shouted: "Bomb, bomb New York" and "George Bush, you will pay, with your blood, with your head." Demonstrators in Grosvenor Square, some with their faces covered with scarves, waved placards which included the message: "Desecrate today and see another 9/11 tomorrow." '

One protester shouted that he would 'cleanse [us] from the face of this earth' and that our 'so-called democracy will fall under the sword of Allah... No matter how much you rape and pillage us and invade our land we will always be here'. Another shouted: 'Your so-called democracy will fall under the sword of Allah. The day of judgment is coming."'

What in heaven's name is wrong with this country? With a war declared against the west by Islamists, here was a mob of their fanatical supporters breaking the law by inciting to violence, treason and mass murder on the streets of London with the authorities looking passively on! Surreal, or what? Has this country really got a death wish?

Two further points stand out. Taking part in this display of treasonous incitement were people who had been detained in Guantanamo and are now at large. And among the organisers of this revealing hate-fest were the Muslim Council of Britain and the Muslim Parliamentary Association of the UK -- organisations which we are told represent 'moderation' and, in the case of the MCB at least, vilifies anyone who dares talk about 'Islamist violence'. Now we can see what this actually means -- and how the police, government and prosecuting authorities have decided to respond to this declaration of war on our society by looking the other way.

As I watched this ridiculous display or impotent rage I kept wondering why the police did not at least arrest the people who illegally covered their face to hide their identification. While some may argue that the speech was protected, no one can argue that the face of the speakers should be. Laws against hiding ones identity in public gatherings have been used to stop mob action by groups like the KKK. The biggots of islamic radicalism are very similar to the KKK and should be treated as such.


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