"Right wing fiction"

Washington Times:


"But as late as yesterday, Mr. Kerry's presidential campaign was tinkering with how to word its explanation of Mr. Kerry's war-medal toss.

"In the campaign Web site's 'D-Bunker' section, which aims to set 'the record straight' about him, staffers have been updating the section on the 'right-wing fiction' that 'John Kerry threw away his medals during a Vietnam war protest.'

"Last week's explanation was: 'John Kerry is proud of the work he did to end the Vietnam war. ... John Kerry threw his ribbons and the medals of two veterans who could not attend the event. ...'

"Over the weekend, staffers added the clause, 'he has been consistent about the facts and symbolism of the medal-returning ceremony.' That whole clause since has been removed from the D-Bunker section.

" 'Only the Kerry campaign would find it necessary to debunk their own debunker,' said Ed Gillespie, chairman of the Republican National Committee.

"The Kerry campaign declined to comment about the changes on the Web site.


"Added Mr. Gillespie: 'I don't think it's bothersome to people that John Kerry thinks he's very smart. That's fine. I think what's bothersome is he thinks the rest of us are so stupid.' "

Will Kerry take responsibility for confusing the right wing attck machine over what he threw over the fence? No, he will just say he has been perfectly clear on whatever he threw over the fence. He will then launch the left wing attack machine on the service of Bush and Cheney during the Vietnam War. But in doing so he has put himself in another trap. In 71 he said Americans in Vietnam were committing atrocities. He now says he is proud of his service. But, if we were committing atrocities, would it not be more honorable not to participate in the war?


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