Bush pummeling did not help Kerry

Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe:


"Despite media hype, the general public doesn't take books such as those by Clarke and Woodward as gospel. The grandstanding, opinion-page writing, interview-granting members of the 9/11 Commission also gave the public reason to question its members' credibility and objectivity. While the media fixated on Bush's refusal to apologize or admit mistakes during his recent press conference, the public heard a rationale for war with Iraq. And the war, even if going badly, is not going badly enough for the majority of Americans to want to abandon it.

"Asked during the Tuesday conference call to assess the overall message on Iraq as gleaned from recent polls, Dowd said they show that 'from the beginning, the public had a realistic attitude. They understood this was not a short-term solution. They understood there would be casualties. They understood terrorists would fight us every step of the way; their solution is not to cut and run.'

"In that regard, Iraq remains a problem for Kerry. Beyond his votes for war and against $87 billion in troop assistance, he has to convince voters that he, not Bush, is better suited to finish the job in Iraq. In a new ad, Kerry says he would immediately reach out to the international community. He must convince voters that the international community would reach back to him and that his ability to make that happen is a sign of American strength, not weakness."

She makes a good point. Kerry keeps trying to sell his UN grovel as necessary because of US weakness. Why should the American people buy that message?


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