Recruiting resistance

NY Post:


"The documents in his briefcase show the resistance members were all approved by the military bureau of the Ba'ath Party.

"One of the documents reveals a 'talent spotting' committee of eight officers who recommended former officers, all Sunnis, who had skills the resistance needed.

" 'Someone would [then] come to your door, and say the president sent us and he needs you to cooperate,' revealed an Iraqi working with the Pentagon to translate the documents into actionable information. Nobody declined.

"The money and authority for operations came from Saddam.

" 'His strategy was to embarrass and humiliate Americans, said an Iraqi source.

" 'The people working for him had their choice of target, within the outline of attacking American soldiers, international organizations, the Iraqi police - any target that would embarrass the Americans. That was the goal. If you, as a cell leader, believed you had the capability, you were authorized to go ahead.'

"This was no guerrilla army running on faith, however. All the reports in the briefcase make clear that the resistance leaders were jockeying for favor and expected money for their successful attacks."


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