Trail lawyers fighting to kill jobs and lower your standard of living

Trial lawyers are waging a reckless assault against American manufacturers in pursuit of a fat payday for themselves. If successful, their relentless quest will have enormous consequences for American workers, shareholders, and consumers.

These legal crusaders want you to believe we can't have a strong American manufacturing base and an improved environment. Reality check: Across the board, concentrations of every single major air pollutant have dropped dramatically and will continue to do so.

The U.S. has reduced more greenhouse gases (GHG) than any other nation on earth. Manufacturers have done our part, reducing GHG emissions by 10% since 2005, while our contribution to the economy grew by 19%. Manufacturers are committed to climate action and are actively crafting solutions to this complex global challenge.

For these lawyers, that's not enough. They want to go farther — to blame you for imperiling our children's future. Are these lawyers doing this out of some sort of civic responsibility? Hardly. They want to line their pockets on the backs of American workers and consumers.

About 10 years ago, enterprising plaintiffs' lawyers and radical activists tried to use the courts to extort money from energy producers under the guise of a climate lawsuit. Climate change is a challenge we take seriously, especially for communities in vulnerable locations. Sadly, the trial lawyers' lawsuit wasn't about solving the problem: It was about money.

In 2008, trial lawyer Matthew Pawa filed suit to get a large share of any award to an Alaskan town, claiming that by making and selling gas for your car and electricity to heat your home, manufacturers had created a "public nuisance."

Not surprisingly, the legal theory was soundly rejected by the courts at every level, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

But trial lawyers are at it again with the help of environmental activists willing to say and do anything it takes to win — this time with the cities of San Francisco and Oakland, again represented by Matthew Pawa. These activists and lawyers are backed by deep pockets with an aggressive, harmful and hidden agenda to again seek monetary damages from manufacturers under a public nuisance theory.
There is more.

Why haven't these trial lawyers been declared a public nuisance?  Greedy trial lawyers are out to ruin your life by making bogus claims that they are trying to save humanity.  They are on the side of the control freaks who want to use attacks on energy as a backdoor method of imposing communist type regulations on every aspect of economic life.


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