Foiled bombing attempt against Gov. Abbott results in indictment of Texas woman

Washington Post:
Woman charged in 2016 case where Texas governor opened package with homemade bomb

Julia Poff is accused of mailing homemade explosives in 2016 to President Barack Obama and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. It did not detonate because the governor "did not open it as designed,” according to court documents.
The woman who lives in the Brookshire area west of Houston mailed the explosive device and it did not go off because Abbott opened "the wrong end" of the package.  She is also accused of mailing similar devices to President Obama and the head of Social Security.  Law enforcement used material from the shipping label and also match cat hair found in the package to her cat.


  1. Expect extensive coverage emphasizing that being a Conservative, Abbot was save by his incompetence and stupidity.


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