Muslim countries showing acceptance of Israel?

Melanie Phillips:
Yet more Arabs have been making startlingly positive statements about Israel and the Jews.

In an interview broadcast by the Kuwaiti Alrai TV channel last week, Kuwaiti writer Abdullah al Hadlaq declared that the State of Israel was not an occupying force but represented “a people returning to its promised land”. He went further, declaring that the Jews had a right to the land of Israel according to the Koran:

“From the religious perspective, Quranic verse 5:21 proves that the Israelites have the right to the Holy Land. Allah says: ‘When Moses said to his people… Oh my people, enter the Holy Land which Allah has assigned to you.’ So Allah assigned that land to them, and they did not plunder it. The plundering entity is whoever was there before the arrival of the Israelites. Therefore, I do not go for obsolete slogans and terms like ‘Zionist plundering entity,’ and so on. The fact that I am an Arab should by no means prevent me from recognizing Israel.”

Both the interviewer host and a fellow guest were clearly stunned by this. But just look at al Hadlaq’s replies to them:

Guest: “I don’t know… Let’s determine the frame of discussion. Is Palestine and its occupation an Arab cause or a religious one?”

Abdullah al Hadlaq: “There is no occupation. There is a people returning to its promised land. Are you aware that the history of the Israelites is ancient, predating Islam? Therefore, we Muslims must acknowledge that the Israelites have a right to that land, and that they have not plundered it. The people who say that it was plundered are still thinking in the mentality of the 1950s and before. When the State of Israel was established in 1948, there was no state called ‘Palestine.'”

Host: “So where did we get that name, which we have been defending for 60 years?”

Abdullah al Hadlaq: “It didn’t exist. There were various communities living in Arab countries. They were called ‘Canaanites,’ ‘Amalekites,’ or a whole host of other names. The Quranic verse even says: ‘…in it are a people of great strength [Jabbareen].’ Some people called them ‘Jabbareen.’ Therefore, there was no state called ‘Palestine.’ I insist on this.”

Wow! This Kuwaiti is telling truths about Israel which are denied by western governments, liberal elites and even many Jews!

This follows the even more remarkable ruling by the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz al Sheikh, forbidding war against the Jews and stating that fighting against Israel was inappropriate.
What makes this so remarkable is that it is not only true, but many in the West have been denying this very thing.  These Muslims have come to basically the same conclusion that most evangelical Christians have earlier that Israel is a Jewish homeland.


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