Agency created by Democrats to cover up their complicity in the housing debacle needs to be reined in

NY Times:

Dueling Appointments Lead to Clash at Consumer Protection Bureau

President Trump named his budget director as the agency’s acting leader, moving to take control just hours after its departing leader had taken steps to install his own choice for acting chief.
Like Dodd-Frank, the Consumer Protection Bureau was created as part of a massive coverup by liberal Democrats after Obama was elected.  It was set up in an attempt to keep it in liberal hands despite the will of the people or Congress and the President.  Laws setting both up should be abolished.

The Democrats were primarily responsible for the housing debacle and the financial crisis that ensued.  They forced banks to make bad loans and then blamed them for making them.  They are still trying to make them agree to uncreditworthy loans for their constituency groups, even thou those very constituents were also harmed by their demands for easy credit for the uncreditworthy. 

It is just the kind of political agency that makes me not trust Democrats.


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