Latest Alabama poll in senate race shows distrust of Democrats

Washington Examiner:
Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore is ahead of Democratic challenger Doug Jones, despite several recent allegations of sexual misconduct, a new poll says.

Among Alabama voters, 46.7 percent are backing Moore, while 39.6 percent are supporting Jones. Almost 14 percent of voters are undecided, according to a pollconducted by Sky Research.

But Moore's lead might reflect the politics of people polled. Of the 1,059 respondents, 62.3 percent identified as Republican and 37.7 identified as Democrat.

Four women accused the Moore of pursuing sexual and romantic relations with them when they were between the ages of 14 and 18, and he was in his 30s, the Washington Post first reported earlier this month. Others have come forward with additional allegations since then. Moore has repeatedly denied the accusations.
Other polls give Jones a slight edge.  That the race is still winnable for Moore is an indication of how unpopular Democrats are in teh state and how much they are distrusted.


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