Iran fearful of competing with Israel

An Iranian wrestler is being lionised by his country for deliberately losing a match at a junior world championships so that he would not have to fight an Israeli opponent in the next round.

Alireza Karimi was ahead in his quarter-final bout in the under-23 world championships against a Russian, Alikhan Zhabrailov. Then news came in that in another quarter-final of the 86kg category Uri Kalashnikov, an Israeli, had won. In a video of the event posted online, a voice can clearly be heard off camera saying “Alireza, you have to lose!”.

“In a moment, my whole world seemed to come to an end,” Karimi said in an interview with the Iranian Students News Agency. “I was told that the Israeli wrestler defeated his American rival, and that I must lose to avoid facing an Israeli opponent. I have trained hard for months to win a gold medal, and it was easy for me to win.”

Iran not only refuses to recognise Israel but will not allow any interaction with Israelis. Last month a teenage Iranian chess player, Borna Derakhshani, was accepted to play for England after being banned by Iran for playing an Israeli in a tournament.

Karimi, 23, while criticising Israel, questioned whether his coach’s decision amounted to oppression of his own ambitions and hard work. However, he was honoured for deliberately losing at the tournament in the Polish city of Bydgoszcz at the weekend.
Iran should take its own advice to its fighters and avoid a confrontation with Israel.   Iran is a country too weak to withstand the embarrassment of losing to someone it hates.  The Iranian government is run by genocidal Islamic religious bigots who want to nuke the Jews in Israel.


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