Earthquake caused by nuke test kills North Koreans

Daily Mail:
Dozens were killed when North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un's most powerful nuclear missile test yet caused buildings to collapse.

Houses and a school near his nuclear base at Punggye-ri were brought down when his tests caused a 6.3 magnitude earthquake injuring up to 150 pupils in North Hamgyong Province.

His explosion triggered aftershocks within eight minutes, hitting structures in a nearby village.

News of the deaths emerged today after there were three more shocks following the underground test back in September, according to the Sunday Express.

The fatalities were revealed by a defector group called South and North Development.
The Kim regime is accused of not warning locals of the nuclear test as children were in classrooms as usual during the quake, which also hit nearby farms.

Soldiers suffering from radiation sickness are also flooding the country's hospitals after the test, according to reports.

The government instructed farmers affected to harvest crops rather than repair damage caused, according to a source.
There is more.

There appears to be no concern that the food may also have been tainted by the radiation from the blast, or for the survivors who were not killed initially by the explosion.

The damage from the quake could also have destroyed the regimes ability to use the site for further testing.


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