Consumer Bureau discriminates against Republicans in hiring?

Washington Examiner:
The Obama-era Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under fire by the Trump administration has been a Democratic Party donor bank, its bureaucrats writing checks to liberals at a rate of 593 to one Republican.

Research of donor records on the OpenSecrets website maintained by the Center for Responsive Politics revealed that Hillary Rodham Clinton was the dominant recipient of tens of thousands of dollars from CFPB workers, followed by President Obama and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who had a huge role in creating the agency.

A quick count of donations found:
  • $46,611 to Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  • $13,190 to Sen Elizabeth Warren.
  • $19,988 to President Obama.
  • $10,075 to Democratic campaign committees.
  • $1,129 to Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Of the 594 donor entries who listed the agency as their employer, one went to Mitt Romney, the losing 2012 Republican presidential nominee. It was for $1,000.

Several other Democratic lawmakers also received donations from CFPB staff.

Overall, CFPB employees have donated $114,859.61 to various Democrats and Democratic committees.
It should not be too surprising that there would be some resistance to Republican oversight of the agency with this kind of disparity in hiring.  Did those in charge of hiring not consider that Republicans are consumers too?

When you consider that the agency was set up as part of the Dodd-Frank effort to cover up Democrat responsibility for the housing debacle in 2008 which almost sunk the economy it is not too surprising that they would not want any Republicans in there to uncover the scam.


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