Who knew-- Muslims commit acts of violence?

NY Times:

Trump Shares Inflammatory Anti-Muslim Videos

President Trump shared video posts on Twitter from an ultranationalist British party leader. They supposedly portray Muslims committing acts of violence.
Even Muslim leaders know Muslims are committing acts of violence.  Saudi Arabia is at war with Islamic terrorism as are other Muslim countries.  ISIS is known for its videos extolling violence. 

That someone who opposes Islamic terrorism is spreading the word about the terrorists should not even be considered news.  At least Trump is not sticking his head in the sand about the problem the way Obama and many on the left would like to do.

What is inflammatory about a truthful presentation of the facts?  I see this same hostility to the facts in the criticism of people like Pam Geller who uses fact-based criticism of Islamic terrorism.  I understand that there is a pretension that the terrorists who claim they are killing people for Islam are not "true" Muslims.  That is like saying communism fails because it is not true communism.  It is a BS argument.  In both cases, people die because the proponents think they are the true believers.


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