Draining the Foggy Bottom swamp

NY Times:

U.S. Diplomats, Pushed Out in Droves, Sound the Alarm

  • A State Department exodus marks a new stage in the broken and increasingly contentious relationship between Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson and much of his work force.
  • Mr. Tillerson has frozen most hiring and recently offered a buyout in hopes of pushing nearly 2,000 career diplomats and civil servants to leave by October 2018.
One of the needed transformations is removing those responsible for Obama's bad foreign policy.  I suspect that those still loyal to Clinton and Kerry would be immediate targets for buyouts.  Anyone who supported the terrible deal with Iran should find another job.   The globalists are probably also not team players on the President's "America First" agenda.

While I am not necessarily tied to the America First agenda, the US State Department has been stocked with too many liberals for too long.


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