Democrats are helping to cement Putin's rule in Russia?

NY Times:

Why Putin’s Foes Deplore U.S. Focus on Election Meddling

“Enough already!” one critic of President Vladimir V. Putin said, worried that the accusations were helping the Kremlin polish the president’s image as a master strategist.
I continue to be of the opinion that Russian meddling in the election is overrated.  It assumes that that Trump voters are dupes, and I do not think they are.  I know for a fact that my vote against Hillary Clinton was not swayed by any Russian interference.  Hillary Clinton embraced all of the bad policies of Obama.  I would have voted for the Republican nominee no matter which of the candidates won the primary. 

In fact, Trump was at the bottom of my list of favorites.  That being said, Trump is vastly exceeded by expectations. 

He has righted the economy and done away with many of the control freak regulations that Obama imposed.   Trump's policies have led to growth in the US economy and a significant reduction in joblessness.  The economy has done so well that liberal economists are probably kicking their cats in disgust.

He has also stopped the absurd micromanaging of the military war effort that has allowed them along with allies to defeat ISIS and push back against the Taliban.  Obama has to be one of the worst war time Presidents in history.  His retreat from Iraq was a disaster.  His Libyan operation turned into a disaster.  Obama gave the enemy hope in Afghanistan.  History should judge his military decisions harshly.  By allowing the military to do its job Trump has significantly improved US national security.

As for Russia, Trump has pursued policies that can't possibly be popular in Russia.  He has embraced missile defense on Poland and persuaded NATO to build up its resources.  His push on energy development is a direct threat to the Russian oil based economy.  Hillary Clinton's policies on energy would have aided the Russians.

If Putin thought Trump was going to help him, he was not the brilliant strategists the Democrats are making him out to be.

The Media and the Democrats should put aside their Trump hatred and start working with Trump to continue the growth in the economy and improve national security.


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