Democrats continue their forum shopping in attempt to thwart immigration laws

Washington Post:
Federal judge blocks Trump’s executive order on denying funding to ‘sanctuary cities’

District Judge William H. Orrick in San Francisco issued an injunction to permanently block President Trump’s executive order to deny funding to cities that refused to cooperate with federal immigration officials, after finding the order unconstitutional.
Let's see.  The same federal judges who seek to protect immigration scofflaws had no problem with Obama's goofy executive order to allow boys in the girls' restrooms in schools across the country.  Democrats usually select courts in the Ninth Circut for these unlawful rulings in the hope the equally goofy Ninth Circuit will approve of the unconstitutional restrictions on executive power and force the DOJ to go to the Supreme court. 

It is an outrageous decision that never should have been issued.  Sanctuary cities are a rebellion against not just Trump's excutrive power, but also against the laws of the land as approved by Congress. 


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