Odds are liberals think Russia wants the US to be a dominant energy competitor, put missile defense if Europe etc.

NY Times
Michelle Goldberg:

Odds Are, Russia Owns Trump

There is ample evidence the president is not working for America first.
To believe Goldberg you have to believe that Russia wants the US to expand its energy production and compete with it to supply Europe.  You have to believe that despite what Putin says he wants to see the US place missile defense bases in Europe and force NATO members to improve their defense budgets.   You have to believe that Russia wants to see the US build up its military assets.

I believe that Russia liked the Obama-Clinton policies better and wishes Obama had been more successful in stopping fracking.  Fracking, which liberals oppose, has cut the price of oil in half and significantly weakened Russia ability to do its own military build up.  Their policies of weakness gave Russia an opening to reinsert itself in the Middle East.

I believe that when it comes to Russia, the liberals have lost their ability to reason.  What should be clear is that by attacking Trump, liberal Democrats are playing into Putin's hand by trying to weaken the US government and make it harder to govern.  That was clearly his goal during the 2016 election and he aimed it at both sides.  If Russia really supported Trump why would they help Clinton by putting together the dirty dossier?


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