The weird culture of Dubai

NY Times:

Holding Hands, and Other Ways to Go to Jail in Dubai

Dubai says it welcomes foreigners, but some end up in prison for offenses that few Westerners would dream were even crimes.
I spent some time in Dubai during a layover on a flight to Bangkok, Thailand.  The airport is modern and nice.  My wife was not with me so there was no danger of my holding anyone's hand.  The only really weird thing that happened was I bought a bottle of water at the airport and when I went to board the plane they acted as if it was a dangerous potential weapon.  I asked the guy if they were really selling dangerous bottles of water in their airport and he let me board.

I am not sure why anyone would pick Dubai over going to a beach resort in the Caribbean.  The people on the islands are more friendly and they don't care if you hold hands or kiss.  Bangkok is also a much more interesting place.


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