Work and sex seem at odds with each other

Washington Post:
‘I don’t want to sit on your lap,’ she thought. But, she alleges, Mark Halperin insisted.

The Post spoke with nine women who said they were aware of or had directly experienced unwanted contact by the political analyst over a period dating back to the mid-1990s. Halperin is the most high-profile media figure in Washington to be accused recently of harassment.
In all my years of working in an office the thought of having someone sit on my lap never crossed my mind.   I did see occasional episodes of what I would call innocent flirting which appeared to be a two-way thing.

Sometimes people would exchange "dirty" jokes, but they seem to be careful about doing it with someone who might take offense.  Even that took place less often after we wrote guidelines for avoiding sexual harassments.

As General Counsel, I would review those guidelines and make sure anyone who felt harassed knew who they should contact about it so it could be dealt with.  In all my years of working in the finance business and franchise business, I never saw anything like the alleged conduct of Harvey Weinstein or Mark Halperin.  If it happened it never came to my attention.

Upper management never showed interest in anything other than the work at hand.  In fact, most employees were busy doing the work they were assigned.


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