Conservatives not buying the liberal spin on Mueller's indictments

Washington Post:
‘This is a nothing burger’: How conservative media reacted to the indictments

In the highly politicized environment, where news is increasingly targeted to partisan audiences, the story played out very differently on sites such as Fox News, Breitbart and the Daily Caller.
Currently it is not much, but it is just the first inning in Mueller's game.  The indictments of Manafort and Gates are aimed at extorting testimony from them against Trump and the campaign.  Mueller is threatening to bankrupt them with legal bills and long prison sentences in hopes that they will deliver the prize the anti-Trump left is hoping for.

The indictments against Papadopoulos is interesting for what it did not charge.  His actions were not that different from that of the Clinton campaign, its lawyer and Fusion GPS and Steele.  But they did not charge him for his actions, but for lying about them. 

It shows a double standard by Mueller when it comes to the actions and is yet another attempt to extort evidence against his real targets.  There has been some speculation that Papadopoulos was wearing a wire after his plea deal.  I suspect this was an attempt to entrap people he worked with in the past.


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