Trump's policies are mainstream Republican despite the drama

NY Times Editorial:

The Real Reason for G.O.P.’s Silence on Trump

Congressional Republicans have accepted outrages in exchange for policies they’ve always wanted.
Smart Republicans realize this is an opportunity of a generation to enact Republican policies and they are seizing it.  While they may not be happy with some of Trump's stylistic approaches to the Presidency, Trump has shown considerable flexibility in working with Republicans to push his agenda. 

It also helps that Trump's policies have stimulated the economy to the lowest jobless claims in 44 years, and his lifting of Obama's ridiculous micromanaging of the war against ISIS has allowed the military to defeat the Islamic religious bigots. 

At this point, I think Trump has exceeded my expectations in many areas.  While I was a reluctant supporter in the 2016 election, I doubt I will be reluctant the next time if he keeps up his current policy objectives. 

I tend to see Trump as a guy who is unrestrained in venting about things that displease him, but he is rationale when it comes to policy efforts.  I also think if he were more restrained the media and the left would be just as tough on him anyway.  Looking back at the Bush administration it seems clear that stoically absorbing the blows of domestic critics did not slow down their hostility whatsoever.


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