The dangers of Democrat forum shopping to the judiciary

NY Times:

How many Middle Eastern refugees choose to live in Hawaii? 

It had to be somewhere between zero and a handful, yet Democrats choose a federal judge who was a friend of Obama in a remote state in where appeals went to the Ninth Circuit a notorious liberal outlier when it comes to judicial opinions.  It is the most overturned circuit court in the US. 

To people in states that actually receive the bulk of the refugees, it looks like a liberal plot to hurt the economies and endanger the citizens of more conservative areas.  That is why liberals now argue "judicial independence" when there is an objection to this obscene abuse of the court system.   The same can be said for refugees who are moving into Nancy Pelosi's district in San Francisco.

The fact is that most refugees could not afford to live in Hawaii or San Francisco so judges in those jurisdictions are out of touch with those most impacted by the stream of refugees. 


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