US sanctions Chinese company that sold North Korea missile launchers

Bill Gertz:
This October, the US government for the first time imposed economic sanctions on a Chinese company for providing vehicles for transfer North Korean road-mobile missiles.

The Treasury Department’s little noticed October 13 announcement of sanctions on the Wuhan Sanjiang Import and Export Co. Ltd., focused on the company’s sale of equipment to Iran, however. It only mentions the launcher transfers in passing – a symptom of Washington’s aversion to calling out Beijing on its covert support for the regime in North Korea.
From at least as early as 2014, Wuhan Sanjiang sold missile-related gyrocompasses, specialty sensors and other electronics to Iran’s military and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the shock troops used to support terrorist groups around the world.

The Chinese equipment is likely incorporated in Iran’s Fajr and Zelzal short-range missiles that were transferred by Tehran to the Hezbollah terrorist group in Lebanon and have been fired against Israel on and off in recent years.

The Chinese company transferred the goods covertly and used deceptive means to “obfuscate those transactions to avoid detection,” the Treasury statement said.

“Additionally, in 2011, Wuhan Sanjiang transferred six off-road lumber transporter vehicles to North Korea, which North Korea subsequently converted into Transporter-Erector-Launchers (TELs) for use in its ballistic missile program,” it noted.
So, Iran and North Korea are both buying parts and equipment from Chinese state companies.  This explains in part the rapid growth of both rogue states' missile programs.


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