Opioids and unemployment?

NY Times:


How the Epidemic of Drug Overdose Deaths Rippled Across America

Drug deaths have surged in nearly every U.S. county.
 Notice the blue in the center of the country.  While it appears that the drug infestation is continuing to encroach on it, the majority of the deep red is in areas were the economy has been weakest.  It appears to be tied to the loss of jobs and a way of life as a result of globalization policies where especially blue states failed to deal with a changing economy.  Drugs used to be concentrated in urban poor areas, but they have expanded into rural poor areas now too.

It is not an exclusive problem though.  Energy companies are constantly testing employees in the oil patch for drug addiction and unfortunately are finding it.  For some, the stress of working long hours may be as difficult as the stress of not having work.

Drugs are a form of escapism that are especially prevalent for those who have a low pain tolerance.  Some of the painkillers are extremely addictive because they give an initial rush that tends to drop off quickly too which leads to people taking more of the painkiller.  The medication becomes worse than the disease.


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