The sexist Times

NY Times Editorial:

Will Weinstein’s Fall Finally Reform Men?

It feels as if the American workplace may be changing, at last. Here’s how to make sure it does.
This is an offensive headline that seeks to denigrate half the population because of their gender. 

Before retiring I worked as General Counsel for two different companies and saw no conduct by men that was in anyway comparable to that alleged about Weinstein, and if it had occurred it would not have been tolerated.  Specific policies were put in place to reinforce what conduct would not be tolerated.

There may be workplaces where such conduct may have been tolerated, but I suspect they are a small minority of US businesses.  Would the NY Times tolerate such conduct by its employees?  I doubt it.  So why does it think men need reforming rather than the few who engage in such conduct?

The notion that all men were sexual predators used to be restricted to a few kook professors at left-wing universities.  It is an absurd notion by people with an agenda. 

It also overlooks the fact that women also sometimes engage in such conduct as can be seen by the spate of women teachers who have been prosecuted for having sex with underaged students.  So where is the editorial on their fall finally reforming women?


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