Russian 'influence' appears overstated

NY Times:

Russian Influence Reached 126 Million Through Facebook

Facebook and Google, ahead of congressional hearings, disclosed details about “insidious” Russian efforts to sow discord in the U.S. The new information reveals the scope of the agents’ use of their platforms.
If whatever they were doing on Facebook reached anyone it was probably fleeting.  I probably put in more time on Facebook than Twitter during the campaign, mainly because I could not stand the level of vitriol directed at all candidates. 

I voted against Hillary Clinton based on following her career and political statements since she ran as the non-cookie making spouse of Bill Clinton who was in charge of Bimbo eruptions.  I watch her first health care fiasco and her "vast right-wing conspiracy" theories to explain away Bill's indiscretions with an intern. 

I voted against because she wanted to continue Obama's control freak policies that throttled economic activity in this country as well as the creation of jobs. 

I have no regret about voting against her and I think that Russia would have benefited much more from her reign of error.  Her anti-energy policies would have done more for the Russian oligarchs and OPEC than Trump's energy policies. 

Based on past experience I think we would probably have had equal amounts of drama, but the media would be trying to downplay it instead of playing it up as they have done with Trump.

I have seen no evidence that any ad attributable to Russia had any influence on anyone's vote.  None.  At best it is just rank speculation based on media hostility to President Trump while looking for any excuse to delegitimize his presidency.


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