California needs to invest in infrastructure instead of illegals

Washington Post:
After seeing the effects of flooding in Houston, residents of Sacramento wonder: Are we next?

As Northern Californians recover from wildfires, officials in the state’s capital are struggling to prevent another type of natural disaster: flooding. Levee failure could submerge parts of the city under as much as 20 feet of water — a state of vulnerability that is surpassed among American cities only by New Orleans.
They are starting to realize the drought was not permanent and their failure to maintain infrastructures such as dams and levees could be catastrophic.  The state is spending too much of its resources on welfare and indigent health care as well as a pension system that overpromised retirees.  It is also not doing a good job of maintaining its roads and bridges.

I think Sacramento is an attractive city.  It would be a shame to see it harmed because the levees were not properly maintained.


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