Dirty environmentalists endangered tribes water supply

Washington Times:
There’s an imminent environmental threat to water quality in southern North Dakota from oil leaks, but not from the Dakota Access pipeline.

Protesters left behind about 200 cars and trucks in a floodplain, sending clean-up crews scrambling to tow the vehicles before the spring melt can carry them into the Cannonball and Missouri rivers, along with potentially thousands of gallons of oil, gasoline and diesel.

“There are roughly 200 vehicles down there at last count, ranging from cars and pickups to rental trucks,” George Kuntz, vice president of the North Dakota Towing Association, told Western Wire. “We’re going to have a very drastic situation trying to keep these vehicles from getting into the river—what everybody’s been trying to protect from day one.”

The vehicle estimate is more than double the original count by local officials, who have aided the Standing Rock Sioux in hauling off tons of garbage scattered across U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land at the former Oceti Sakowin camp, the largest of the pipeline protest encampments.

“We can’t leave them [the vehicles] there. We don’t know what kind of biohazard is going to be produced with all the fluids or any other garbage that’s inside the vehicle,” Mr. Kuntz said.
It appears that protection of the environment was just a ruse by the anti-energy left.  They just wanted to stop the flow of oil to market to push their radical anti-energy agenda.  These people were willing to foul their own nest to achieve their political objective.  In the process, they shattered their environmental credibility.

I think the pipeline company would be wise to document they trash and pollution causing activities of the group to use against them in advertising.


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