Democrats are more hostile to Trump than foreign leaders

NY Times:

D.N.C. Contenders Agree on One Thing: Resistance to Trump

A proxy race between party chairman candidates identified with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders has drawn other contenders and a heated debate about the best way forward.
The Democrats are so obsessed with Trump that they have taken their eyes off an opportunity to improve conditions for US workers.  While Trump is working on a deal with Japan that should be beneficial to US jobs, Democrats are trying to thwart his agenda at every turn.  Their so called resistance is a resistance to helping the US recover from the sorry Obama economy.  They are putting the party ahead of the people and it is unlikely to be forgotten in the coming elections.  

Even Turkey's Erdogan is trying to warm up his relations with the US now that Trump is in office, but not Democrats.  The fight for leadership is a fight over who can be the most hostile to working with the President.


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