Left does not care about people who have been harmed materially by Obamacare

E.J. Dionne:
The GOP doesn't want to hurt ‘real America.’ By repealing Obamacare, it will.
E.J. does not seem to care about the lies that were used to sell this mess.  He does not care about a single mother of two whose health insurance for her relatively healthy family is more than her mortgage payment with a deductible to match.  He does not care about all the people who lost their health insurance they liked or their doctor they liked because of this bad program.  All he cares about is the people on the dole that are getting the benefit of taking that away from others.

As you can tell, I am pretty fed up with those who defend this monstrosity.  You would think that Democrats would recognize that it is the main reason they are now a minority party and start working to come up with a solution acceptable to those who voted against them.


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