It is the Palestinians that are responsible for the failure of a two state solution

Washington Post:
(David Vaaknin for The Washington Post)For decades, the U.S. has objected to Israeli settlements. Trump has signaled he could make an extraordinary change.

As the hilltops fill with homes, decades of international efforts to achieve a two-state solution are unraveling. And global condemnations notwithstanding, the trend is poised to accelerate.
The Palestinians have blown up their chances for a state by a greedy overreach and an inability to control their own ranks.  They now have nothing of value to offer the Israelis, because they cannot provide peace.  Hamas is made up genocidal religious bigots who have no intention of stopping their war with Israel.  When Israel left Gaza it got rocket attacks instead of peace.  Other Islamic terrorist groups appear to be a subsidiary of the PA which pays them money for terrorist attacks even if they are captured and imprisoned.  That is a good reason to stop funding this beggar culture.

It should also be noted that the Palestinians want to set up an apartheid terror state that excludes all Jews.


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