Breaking the corrupt bargain between the Democrats and the education lobby is a good thing

NY Times:

Education Nominee Backs Ideology With Aggressive Spending

Betsy DeVos, a stalwart of Michigan politics and backer of school vouchers, has not been shy about advancing her goals by funding campaigns against her foes.
I like her ideas and the fact that she has been willing to spend her own money to help the victims of the miseducation foisted on the poor by the corrupt bargain between Democrats and groups like the teachers union.

Here how the corruption works, the unions use their dues to support Democrats who in turn raise their salaries and protect them from being fired for incompetence.  It becomes a vicious circle and the victims are the poor and minority students stuck in this system.

By empowering the parents to choose which schools to send their kids to, it forces the schools to compete for students by providing a better education.


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