Many voters are rejecting the terrible choice between Trump and Hillary

Caleb Howe:
A new poll of likely voters in the important state of New Hampshire shows a pretty startling result. “Unsure” is polling ahead of both Republican “presumptive nominee” Donald Trump and the Democrat we all know will be their nominee, Secretary Hillary Clinton.

They’re losing to *shrug*!

Personally, I can see the argument for voting for none of the above, obviously.

The poll, up at Real Clear Politics, has Hillary over The Donald 33.7 percent to 29.4 percent. What is not shown on the RCP polling averages chart is that in that match-up, “Unsure” comes in with a healthy lead of 36.8 percent.

Think about that. Between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, more people were undecided than were willing to vote for either one. That’s mind-boggling. It’s not like these are unknown candidates. They have by far the highest name recognition in the race. Everyone is more than aware of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Yet given the choice between the two, greatest number of people simply couldn’t decide.
People are declining to pick the poison offered up by both parties.

I am reminded of the story of a wife who tells her husband she wants a divorce.  He responds by asking, "Is there someone else?"

She replies, "There just has to be."

If these poll results replicate in other states, it does suggest that a third party candidate might have a chance of at least throwing the decision into the House of Representatives if no candidate gets a majority of the electoral votes.


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