How Congressional leaders destroyed the Republican Party

NY Times:

Republican Party Unravels Over Trump’s Takeover

The Republican Party’s crisis over Donald J. Trump reflects years of fraying ties between party elites and voters.
Ted Cruz tried to tell them they were the problem, but they thought he was crazy.  As a result, they get someone who really is unhinged from reality in Donald Trump, whom they somehow think they can manage.   The anger that is animating the Trump voter is aimed specifically at the Congressional leaders who failed to fight the evils of liberalism being pushed by Obama and Harry Reid.  The GOP was given the biggest majorities in decades and squandered it by funding measures GOP voters despise.

I am disgusted with both Trump and the Congressional leadership.  It makes more sense to lose fighting for something you told the voters you would fight for than to lose because you refused to fight and merely staged a few show votes.

I believe Trump and Hillary Clinton are not honest and honorable people and cannot support either one of them.  They both should be denied any sense of a mandate.  Perhaps Congress may now get a backbone and stand up to which ever one of these bad candidates prevails.

BTW, there are a lot of Bernie voters who are #NeverHillary too.


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