Two Presidents died in November of 1963

Mark Steyn:
Two presidents died that November, but the mawkish parochialiasm of the Camelot cult has obliterated the fact that the second bore responsibility for the death of the first. No “eternal flame” for Diem, just an unmarked grave. He’s the Mary Jo Kopechne of the autumn of 1963, unhelpful to the myth: “What goes around comes around” doesn’t have quite the same ring as “one brief shining moment.”
As Ho Chi Minh observed, “I can scarcely believe the Americans would be so stupid.” There was certainly a presidential-assassination conspiracy afoot in the US in the fall of 1963. In Washington. But all that drivel about Dallas-the-city-of-right-wing-hate is more flattering to American liberalism’s self-image.
This is a point that has been largely absent from the discussion of the Kennedy assassination.  So is the fact that his killer was a communist with ties to Russia and Cuba.  While we can all regret Kennedy's death, we should not fall for the attacks on Dallas or the attempts of liberals to use his death to attack their political enemies.


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