Obamacare forces people onto Medicaid

Fox News:
One woman’s demoralizing experience with the ObamaCare website, which her daughter documented in an article this week in The Wall Street Journal, is shining a light on how the health care law is forcing people into Medicaid even if they don’t want it.

"How has it come to this?" Nicole Hopkins wrote of her mother’s experience.

After having had her insurance canceled this fall like so many millions of Americans, her mother Charlene sought a new insurance policy on HeathCare.gov. But it gave her only one choice – Medicaid - which is the government's traditional safety net to cover the uninsured poor.

Charlene Hopkins does not see herself as poor and resents having to stoop to what she believes is a taxpayer funded hand-out, when she prides herself on a life of independence and self-sufficiency.
There are other reasons not to want to be forced onto Medicaid.  The Medicaid system is already overtaxed and fewer doctors are treating Medicaid patients.  That means longer waits for appointments and to see the doctor when you do have an appointment.  For Hopkins it also means she will not be able to keep the doctors she has been seeing for medical care.


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