Chicoms send fighters over 'exclusion zone'

AP/Washington Times:
China said it sent warplanes into its newly declared maritime air defense zone Thursday, days after the U.S., South Korea and Japan all sent flights through the airspace in defiance of rules Beijing says it has imposed in the East China Sea.

China's air force sent several fighter jets and an early warning aircraft on normal air patrols in the zone, the Xinhua agency reported, citing air force spokesman Shen Jinke.

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The report did not specify exactly when the flights were sent or whether they had encountered foreign aircraft. The United States, Japan and South Korea have said they have sent flights through the zone without encountering any Chinese response since Beijing announced the creation of the zone last week.

Shen described Thursday’s flights as “a defensive measure and in line with international common practices.” He said China's air force would remain on high alert and will take measures to protect the country’s airspace.
China is going to waste a lot of jet fuel flying over a pile of rocks in the ocean in hopes to claim potential minerals under those rocks.  She is also going to be challenged by the US and its allies.  Those fighters she sent up may findthemelves in the cross hairs of some F-22's.


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