Obama alienates the Saudis

NY Times:

Nuclear Accord Underlines Rift Between U.S. and Saudis

Although the Saudis remain close American allies, the nuclear accord is the culmination of a slow mutual disenchantment that began at the end of the Cold War.
Actually we were never closer to the Saudis than we were in the first war with Iraq, that was mostly launched from Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi government has been a good ally in the war with al Qaeda. al though some of its citizens have been the enemy.   What is different about this deal is that Iran is seen as an existential threat by bot the Saudis and Israel and Obama went behind their back to make what looks to most like a very bad deal which gives Iran time and money to build a bomb and save its economy.  If you not a labor union or a Chicago boss it is very dangerous to be an Obama ally.


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