Obamacare makes things worse for people in rural America

Republicans went to the American South on Monday to press their opposition to President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law in a U.S. congressional hearing that the law's supporters called a one-sided political attack.

The hearing, chaired by Republican Representative Rob Woodall of Georgia, heard from witnesses picked by the panel's Republicans who said that the healthcare law - intended to help millions of uninsured and under-insured people get affordable medical insurance - actually will raise insurance costs and reduce coverage choices for many people in rural America.

Michael Boyette, a 28-year-old businessman from Ellijay, Georgia, said his insurance premium was increasing by almost $200 per month for his family of three.

"You may think that we went with a more expensive plan or have gotten more coverage," Boyette said during the hearing, the second of four events on the Affordable Care Act to be held outside Washington by the Republican-led House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

"In fact, we have not," Boyette said. "We have less coverage than before, also higher out-of-pocket expense and a premium that has risen 65 percent. This is not affordable to me."
Democrats have been ignoring these complaints about their healthcare law.   They would rather focus on those who are the beneficiaries of this redistribution scheme.


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