Alarming news for Democrats in polls

David Freddoso:

The most alarming finding has to be another one that showed up in both the Quinnipiac and Fox polls — the young vote appears to be swinging wildly to the Republicans for next fall’s midterm in a way not even seen in 2010. Those polls’ subsamples suggest that the young feel even more deceived by Obama than the rest of the population, and are angrier. The potential for an electoral rout is shaping up, although it’s certainly not inevitable just yet. 
There is also evidence in Quinnipiac’s state polling that voters — who still view Republicans and Tea Partiers askance — are nonetheless souring on Obama and even seemingly safe Democrats at the same time. The negatives and “do not re-elect” numbers for Sen. Mark Udall, D, in Colorado have risen by double digits quite abruptly. If that sleeper race actually becomes a serious contest, it’s a pretty ominous sign that Democrats are on their way to losing their Senate majority.
Blatant lies about the healthcare law are hard to cover up.  The Upton bill allowing people to keep their plan was also politically shrewd in appealing to voters harmed by Obamacare.  Ted Cruz has made a point that the law is hurting millions of Americans.  There is little doubt of that fact and it is one that Republicans should repeat.


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