Karauthammer--Obama's Iraq blunder

Daily Caller:
The Iraq War “was won and we were in a position, if we had just negotiated a status of forces agreement, to have an ally in the region, to have a base, to train their air force — that would have changed the course of the future,” he told The Daily Caller. “Instead, a decision was made by the new administration to evacuate, leaving a vacuum where Iran has come in, where al-Qaida thrives and al-Qaida actually has extended itself into Syria. This was all unnecessary — and all the result of the liquidation of a war that was won.”
Obama's handling of the situation in Iraq maybe one of the biggest blunders in recent history.  It is an example of the overrated intellect of a liberal President.  There are many losers as a result that go beyond US policy goals and the biggest losers are those who still live in the region and have to contend with a resurgence of the sectarian violence and the evils of a religious bigot hegemony from Iran.   This failure also shows the ineptitude of Obama as a negotiator.


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