Poll shows Louisiana senator vulnerable because of Obamacare

AP/The Advocate:
Support for Sen. Mary Landrieu in Louisiana has dropped in a new poll amid the problem-plagued rollout of the federal health care overhaul, which could suggest trouble for the Democratic senator’s re-election bid next year.

The third-term senator has regularly polled with approval ratings well above 50 percent, but a survey released Thursday by Southern Media and Opinion Research showed approval of Landrieu’s job performance had deteriorated to 46 percent.

In another possible blow, 54 percent of those polled said they’d be less likely to vote for the Democratic senator’s re-election next year because of her vote for President Barack Obama’s signature health law. Landrieu has maintained her strong support of the federal law.

“This is gloomy for her re-election,” pollster Bernie Pinsonat said. “She’s tied to the Affordable Care Act. Unless there’s a dramatic turnaround, she’s going to have a very, very tough time getting re-elected.”
Two Republicans are splitting the opposition vote at this point, but because of the nature of Louisiana primaries, if she does not get 50 percent there would be a runoff with the top vote getter who would be one of the Republicans in this case.  I think she is very vulnerable and deservedly so.


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