The deal that makes things worse in the Middle East

Erick Erickson:
If the deal happens, it will mean Saudi Arabia goes nuclear — they’ll buy Pakistani made nukes. It also means Israel will probably preemptively strike Iran solo.

In short, this deal, which turns out to not really be a deal at all, but a lot of hype to distract from the Obamacare mess, would mean Iran can keep building its bomb with minimal inspection, get more money from American and European taxpayers, and keep funding terrorists around the world.

The West is willingly being played the fool by a player elites assume is actually rational, but is not. By the way, it is amazingly pathetic that President Obama won’t let you keep your insurance plan, but he will let the Iranians keep their enriched uranium program. Just what sort of idiot will negotiate with terrorist regimes, but not with Americans?   (Emphasis in the original.)

Obama did this in secret which meant he failed to get a political consensus among the allies for the deal.  That is why Israel and the Saudis have been openly opposing the deal and calling it a historic mistake.  They are right about that and it will have bad consequences for everyone in the region.


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