More bad faith from Pakistan on doctor who helped find bin Laden

The lawyer for a Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA find Osama bin Ladensays his client has been charged with murder.

Samiullah Afridi said on Friday that Shakil Afridi was charged with murder, in a case involving a boy who died after the doctor operated on him for appendicitis in 2006, in Pakistan's Khyber tribal area.

The boy's mother filed a complaint against the Afridi, saying he was not authorised to carry out the surgery because he was a physician, not a surgeon.

The lawyer said the case had no merit because too much time had passed. Afridi is currently in prison.
If you assume the facts are as alleged, it is a case of malpractice and not murder.  The Pakistanis appear to be having trouble justifying their continued holding of this person who should be released.


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